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An awesome story has really happened

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An awesome story has really happened


This story is real and terrifying. I advise those who have weak hearts not to read the subject
This story is not imaginary but real

Fear in my imagination
This story really happened in fact, though I do not know close to anyone
I did not believe in one word
Throwing fear into your hearts; But in order
And you know that God is right; and I will tell you the rule that is crowded with this story
After reading your comment!
One day there were two young men on a trip to Fayoum and they were
They drive
The car is high speed
Suddenly, they saw a black-clad man walking across the street but quickly
The excess
The young man could not
Controlling the vehicle resulting in run over the person who was crossing the road
The young man tried to stop
His car to make sure the safety of the person who shocked him and found that the person who
They shocked him
He was an old woman
She was alive and rushed to the car to the nearest hospital
as such
You know the place
Where the incident took place was cut off and there was no one and the distance was far away
To the hospital but
He tried to make his way to the nearest health clinic and suddenly the woman disappeared
Look at me with my eyes
The old man from the car
Fears of fear in the two young men on their way stood in a gas station to provide
Fuel and take a premium
It is comforting, but the fear revolves around them from everywhere and the young men are cut off
What happened with them with women
The old man to the worker in the petrol station, the worker tried to help them Vdlhm
The village was next door
The station is a few kilometers away to meet a man who teaches science
And Jan
The young men went and asked
So they were able to find the person and tell him what happened to them, try the man
the world
Science and gardens
To help them by giving them Koranic verses wrapped in leather to protect them from harm
She committed suicide
And tell them
That they do not return to
Where they came from and to complete their way to the place they are going
Go away
The two young men were completed
They are afraid. On their way they forgot what happened with them and suddenly
The old woman returned
In the same place they put it (the back seat of the car) intensified
They must fear
The young assistant driver tells the old woman to ask her to be allowed
They did it and they will
They answer any request you ask of them. The old woman said: I will forgive you, but only if
They chewed
Blood that on
My clothes with your tongue to remove the traces of blood forever so that I can go
For an interview
my husband.
The young man replied: It is impossible
The old woman replied: ….. with Tide in the laundry
No way
“I’m going to show you a story that happened to me years ago. I work in my first week as an emergency doctor in the emergency department and I’m from one of the Arab Gulf countries.
It was about five in the morning, and I was working in the night shift – which ends at 8 am – and everything was very quiet
When I talk to a patient, we hear a very loud scream coming from the emergency entrance …
We went out frightened for fear that an accident or explosion or something more dangerous .. .. All of the emergency has become in front of the entrance … … Doctors and doctors, nurses and nurses, even pedestrians in the street entered to explore the matter … .. Even the patients left their family and went out to explore the matter ………. We had to resort to security to unravel the crowd and drive the curious out of the emergency … and the shock was
What we saw the night … ..
A man pulls a woman from her hair almost naked … except from a nightgown that does not hide anything from her body … ..
Dragging her from her hair and uttering the ugliest and dirtiest words … … and accusing her of displaying her honor, and blood covering that woman from her head to her feet … Whoever sees her can only say that she is dead,
She screams with a barely audible voice and says, as I recall, “What did she do, I ask God to cover you, but she covers me …”
We tried to explore the matter and to understand from the man what is happening … .Fromha land and hit her face with his foot and said words I can not say, but we understand that it is his wife and this is the night of the wedding … And he found her not a virgin !!!!!!
The doctor in charge (older than me in the class) asked me to take the woman to the examination room and to be in touch with her … I am a specialist in surgery,
The man outside is still saying words I have not heard in my life … and the security men are trying to calm him and prevent him from reaching his wife …
The important thing … I do not want to prolong, I took the sick history of women quickly because her condition was very terrible, and I was in a state of fear only knows God … I was afraid to die in my hands … .. She told me that she is a new bride, and that her husband did not see evidence of virginity! !!!!!!!! He pulled it out of her hair and dragged it on the stairs of the building.
Until he arrived at the hospital …
She asks him to leave her wearing her clothes …… !!!!
She said to me, Arjoki, before anything I want, the woman and obstetrician will examine me until I confirm my virginity … I went out and called the specialist …
After the examination shows that virgin virgin girl !!!!!!!!!!
The doctor said that the membrane of the rubber type that does not tear apart !!!!!!!!!!

An awesome story has really happened

When the girl heard that, she asked the nurse to call her husband …
He went in and tried to beat her but the doctor screamed at him and explained everything to him … he was not even convinced to see himself !!!!!!
The membrane is perfectly sound ….
Then he knelt at her feet and took her kisses, asking her to allow … ..
Suddenly, those who were weak by the power of God became a strong and self-confident woman. Though she was suffering from terrible fractures … fractures in ribs, arms, face, nose … legs … but she managed to speak …….
She said, “I forgive you on condition that you apologize to all the people … but the people in the hospital … … excuse me in front of the neighbors who heard you and heard me … … passing by in the street … .. I apologize to everyone who heard you accuse me, and

Shafni and I in this view … … and say to all people I am a decent person !!! “
The man was crying hysterically, screaming and asking her to go back to him … but she was saying to him, “God does not forgive you … ..Keep me” “… ..
What happened next is not that important ….
I did not sleep the night and for two consecutive days ….
I have been following the case of that girl in the hospital … … until her exit after 5 months is very painful … .. in a wheelchair, unable to walk … .Our communication lasted a short period and then was interrupted …
After about two years ….
I am in the clinic in my first years of specialization in the field of women and childbirth.
She told me that after she recovered relatively (still unable to walk) … .. She got married and she is pregnant a month The second came to follow the pregnancy ……
I asked her what happened to her first husband … She said that she sent him a medical report proving her virginity in the framework of the doctrine of …
She did not hear about him but he was separated from his work, and nothing else ….
It happened in an Arab-Islamic country, Algeria
It was a rainy night but in one of the houses owned by a rich man who bought this house from an American magician. The magician got $ 100,000 for the house. On the first day, the owner of the house felt a movement inside the house and immediately rushed out of his room but found nothing Forget it no matter what
The witch lived to find a donkey and immediately turn the house into a castle a month after the incident. The magician was going to sell the donkey. He was found by a farmer and placed in a rural position. But the farmer’s wife was killed. The donkey found the donkey and attacked her in an unusual way. He wanted to flirt with her and when she told her husband immediately he came up with a sheikh who read the Qur’an and turned to his body as a man. The magician came to another deal where he would sell the house again to one of the rich. When the magician knew the buyer’s order, he disappeared.

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