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Cheap Jerseys From China: Isn’t That Difficult As You Assume


Cheap Jerseys From China: Isn’t That Difficult As You Assume


According to the relevant person, the injury in Bii is undoubtedly a heavy blow for the giants. After the operation, he will take at least half of the season after surgery. In the draft of the month, the giabman selected the offense of Erik Frales (ERECK FLOWERS) in the 9th, he or will take the stick in advance, Justin Pugh, responsible for protecting Blind test of Eli Manning.

Allen rebounded from the previous sluggish performance, contributing amazing data in Bill 44-34. His pass is very accurate, 38 passes 31 successfully achieved 415 yards 3 times, the success rate of the passing of the ball reached 81.6%, and the quarterfielding points reached 138.5. He also got a 1st mushroom.

As Russell Wilson can be with the singer, Linchi Dating Lahana is there! But they all chose the same day. Although this is nothing to do with rugby, this is another victory of the Hawks in the battlefield.

As for Shelby, he joined Falcon in 2016. But his first season in the Falcon has been abrupt because of the tendo tearing in 6 games. In 2017 he renewed for 4 years. He was full of 24 games last season, and he went 30 times to kill 1 time.

Before the start of the season, Wright was traded from Tampawan pirate trading to the patriot. Get Rat, patriot sends a strikerman mankins and a 4-round selection sign. Wright movements are superior, good at catching, but in parses have not gain too many play opportunities. Last season, he only brought 26 times and promoted 259 yards. On the other hand, Wright completed 6 balls to the live time in a limited appearance time, and excellent effect.

At present, the patriots are talented in the near-end front position. In addition to the best near-end, Rob Gronkowski, the team also signed Scottler (Scott) Chandler). Chandler took 47 times in the season, advanced 497 yards. After becoming a free player, Wright quickly attracted the attention of other teams. It is reported that Atlantian Falcs and New Orleans Saints hopes to get contact with him.

Just at the NBA Finals last night, Lin Qi finally saw the people. She doesn’t know Linqi, but she seems to have seen the beast mode. We don’t know that they are dragging or applying, I believe that there will be news in a few days.

In recent years, giants have been trying to make up in the offensive front line, but the results are always as good. Last season, the team struggle with Geoff Schwartz only started 2 times, as a result of injury. Incidents revealed that the team will continue to try to explore the offensive front line players who can reinforce the depth of the lineup from the free market.

Giants will accept pectoral fin surgery

The New York Giants did not solve the problem on the offensive front line during the offset period, but now I have to face new tests. According to NFL official website reporters, the giant left disappearance of Will Beatty was pulled in the local time on Tuesday, and he would choose to receive relevant surgery in recent days.

Toylo was selected in the fourth round of the show in 2013. Last year, he signed a $ 3 million contract with the Falcon. Crave him will make the falcon save $ 2.5 million salary space, but will still take $ 2 million.

Patriot Trend Young near-end

The new England patriots continue to adjust their lineup during the offset season. On Thursday, the team is streamlined for lengthy near-end. Patriot announced that the young near-end Tim-Rat (Tin Wright) was rewarded.

Tennesi Toyan fully occupied the competition of the Chicago Bear 24-17, while the defensive front line player Jeffry Simmons contributed huge. He got 3 hugs in the game, once destroyed the ball, once robbed the ball right and once forced the ball.

Cook played a bright eye in the second week, and he has also become the best offensive player in China for the second consecutive week. In Menlian, Buffalo, San Swan, Alan (Josh Allen), became the best offensive player.

The striker should protect the left and right sides of the gap (the spacing between the offensive front line players), defend someone to impact quarters. When the running ball offensive, the forward move forward and wholesale Jerseys pushed the defensive player and opened the player for the ball.

Similar to the center, when the ball, the striker should also use the back to the side and then put the defensive player, slow down its sudden speed, and strive for time. If you find that you have no defensive players in front, then you will be withdrawn to the second line of defense, ready to block any breakthrough defensive player.

If it is the sports offense on this side, the striker is open to the offensive player. If it is the other side, the striker should be responsible for pushing the defensive players in front of holding the ball and attacking the player. In some special offensive tactics, the strike will also be used as a leader. After the kick, immediately leave the original position, run to the road to attack the player’s route.

In the last attack in the ninth week, play the Knick Folk, helping New England patriot, striving for New York jet at 30-27. Folk’s 51x shot at the 51x shot at the time of the game, ensuring that the patriots won, and he also made him a Best Technical Group player. In this game, Folk performance is perfect, and all 3 free shooting gates and 3-time tap are added.


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