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Tom Breddy is unintentionally retired after the super bowl

The patriot four-point Wei Tom Braddy has reached 41 years old, and will continue to Khoay.ntt.edu.vn play a super bowl. He will not easily give his opponent hope.

In addition to Kendrick, in addition to Kendrick, the best lineup is selected, Harrison Smith and the Heigh Weve Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes), the three professional bowls defensive end Everson Griffeen and two professional bowls defensive disappearance Linval Joseph has now gained a rich long. Anthony Barr, Anthony Barr, will be a player who will be subsequently renewed by Anthony Barr and Potential.

In 2015, the second round of selected KFRix has become a player who has a large number of 维 京 防 防, is also the core of the defensive group. After the last season’s last season, KFRix became the first three seasons since the career in the first three seasons since the career in the top three seasons since the career. The first Viking player.

At present, when Griffin returns to the team, it is not determined, but “no season reimburse” may be the best news that can be obtained. Griffin is in the game with Jacksonville America, because the collision causes an ankle shift, the team had to use Kirk Cousins ​​as the team’s first quarter-off. If Cosmin is good, Hongki is willing to continue him as a first. Washington local media also said that coach Grunetton believes that Cossins Bigrifen is more suitable for their offensive system. Grunette said: “I feel that Cousins ​​can help us win any game. He is a special player. 4 times last season, even though not achieve good success, but he undoubtedly has excellent skills. His character is very suitable for the team’s current offensive system. “

Pierll Paul’s amputation surgery was accepted on Wednesday. This decision was considered to speed up his recovery process. He also encountered a thumb fracture in a fireworks accident. The giant was later sent a trainer to visit him, but was rejected.

Groundon hinted in Monday, the team would make decisions at the right time, not early promise. He could not guarantee Griffin injury after returning, it can still be the team’s first. Grunette mentioned in an interview: “We must go now, because we don’t know how Griffin will miss, we don’t know how Cinsin will perform. It will promise for a player, will let Things become more complicated. “

Operation offensive group is not just as simple as completing the ball, Tusbuski also understands each tactics and communicates with the player, which is the weakness of his rookie season. But Tusbuski believes that this year’s offensive system is more complicated than last year, it will be easier to operate.

Different from Fair, Braddy can still remain healthy and played sufficiently to select the best lineup. Although sometimes it will pass the ball mistake, but this does not affect him to kill the super bowl again.

Manning believes this accident is “unlucky.” He said: “I don’t know the whole process of this accident, but you never want to see professional athletes injured, especially in the way that it is avoidable.”

“This year is more complicated, but it operates simple.” Trobiski said, “Although it is simple last year, it is troublesome. This year, it is more likely to memory, because there are different places to contact each other. Just start from the foundation concept, step by step is good. “

Breddy completed 375 times 570 times this season, pushed 4355 yards, reached 29 times, was copied 11 times, and passed the ball score 97.7. Although the contrast is declined, the patriot is not expected to be smooth this season, but it is clear that Braddy will not take the altar.

“Obviously (Pierll Paul) is an important player,” Manning said on Friday. “He is an important force for the defensive end, so I hope that everything can be better and he can keep health, I hope he can continue to show a high level when playing.”

Nuclear magnetic resonance checks determine that Griffin injury is not a problem.

The latest news shows that Robert Griffin III’s ankle is not a problem and will not lead to reimbursement. Washington Red Skills Jie Jay Gruden revealed that the nuclear magnetic resonance showed that Griffin’s ankle did not have a problem, and the team was positive to Griffin’s return. Grunette said: “I think it is time to determine when he returns to fashion. We are only known to have no more news in his ankle. In the next few weeks, we will get more news, more specific results In the diagnosis. “

The deadline for the privileged label player signed the long-term contract is July 15th, Pierre Paul and the giant will not renew the contract before this day. Until he recovered healthy, he would not signed a privileged label contract worth $ 14.8 million.

The bear four defense believes that the offensive group is more easy to operate over last year.

Beijing July 18th, Siwei Mihel-Trubisky is about to usher in his own career, he will continue to accept the new coach Matte-Naki in the training camp (Matt Nagy) ) And the guidance of the new offensive coordinator. After the core personnel replaced, the offensive tactics and system nature were not the same last year. Can Tusbiski have a good control of the attack.


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