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Did You Start Wholesale Jerseys For Ardour or Money?


Did You Start Wholesale Jerseys For Ardour or Money?


Wholesale Nfl Jerseys TV Network Reporter Tom Pelissero reported later that after receiving the back epidural injection of the back epidural injection, Kamara is now agreed to train in Wednesday. Perrisir also reported that Kamara and Saints have made progress in renewal negotiations, but there are differences in some time. However, although Kamara did not propose transaction requirements, Perry Roose reported that the Saints did not rule out the possibility of trading and they did not lack trading objects. It has been staying in the wishes of Kamara for a long time, and the Saint has always been targeted.

La Potter quickly released the latest progress, he reported that both parties have “calm down” and still talk about renewal negotiations, Kamara has been talking about Sean Payton, still planning on Wednesday. train.

Tiger will perform the 5th year of the two player contracts

Cincinnati Tiger Premier Locks two front first rounds of rookie, the team announced in the local time on Tuesday, will execute DRE Kirkpatrick and offensive front line players Kevin Zeitler contract The fifth year of the team options.

But Kamara is indeed contradictory in the contract. He is only $ 2.1 million this year, far below other high-paying guards. He was injured last season, but still promoted 1330 yards in the offensive group.

As a star of the 2012 season, Kirk Patrick is generally in general, only 5 times in the past three seasons. However, the 25-year-old corners of the year still exhibits excellent exercise in a limited appearance time. In the final stage of the regular season last season, Kirk Patrick had a single served two times, PEYTON Manning. With the departure of Terence Newman, Kirk Patrick is also expected to occupy a first-haired position in the new season.

Alliance penalties have caused more than $ 21 million in players

As of the sixth week of this season, the salary of the players has lost the amazing $ 21.52 million (still 50 cents!) Due to the fine and banned. According to a certified accountant named Robert Raiola, this has pointed out that this has exceeded 2 times the total number of US $ 10.5 million in a fine last season.

On the 27th place in the same year, the Tiger puts Cai Telle, and has completed 39 first hair. According to the scoring system of PFF (Pro Football Focus), the 9th place in all striking column column column in Cai Telle last season. This comprehensive offensive front line player performs excellent performance in passing the ball and opening up, and the future is not limited.

Saints running to Alquin-Kamara: Nothing required to be traded and threatened

When Alvin Kamara hopes to get a new contract of the Saints of New Orleans, the resulting thing happened to have a small wave. NFL TV Network Reporter Ian Rapople reported that Kamara and brokers denied any claim that they requested to be traded and threatened.

According to statistics, this figure in 2012 was $ 18.1 million, the 2011 season is $ 9 million, and the 2010 season is $ 9.5 million. NFL and NFL players will continue to discuss alliances to discuss the behavior of alliance staff, which will affect the approval of alliances. Take this speed, the total economic loss of the 2014 season will exceed $ 25 million. “God, this is a big money.”

Although the bear team and packaging have been in 191 since the early 1920s, this Thursday night will be their first time in Thanksgiving. In the face of encouraging packages, the bear team will need more attack firepower due to the legendary quarter-free Brett Favre Memorial Ceremony.

Falli, Jeffrey is expected to play Thursday night game

Chicago Bear Siwu Jie Ya-Carteller will meet his most important offensive players in the next game, he will try to improve his record of 1 win and 12 losses in the green bay packaging.

Ok, let us analyze these economic losses. Arizona Red Tiwirwirwalvan Daryl Washington (DARYL WASHINGTON) has been banned for one year, “contributing” for one year, “contributed” for one year, “contributing to the budget of alliance drug abuse). Robert Mathis, Indianapolis, due to the proposed drug use of the affiliates, and lost more than 2 million US dollars. His pony teammates, safe garanes, Laron Landry, was banned from four games, lost 1 million US dollars due to the same violations. Of course, Josh Gordon, who was banned 10 games, accounted for a large part of the losses, accurately said that it was $ 7481, and he could only make up for a few more than a few more than one.

Other significant fines have Cincinnati, Vontaze Burfict, due to his twisted opponent’s ankle aorta, San Francisco, 49 people, 49 people, San Francisco COLIN KAEPERNICK is fined $ 10,000 due to not wearing alliance designated brand headphones (official reason is “other jerseys / equipment” fines), as well as Pittsburgh steel people, Antonio Brown (Antonio Brown) due to the first week The action is fined $ 8268.

After three weeks of torque in the knee inside, Falti claims to “suitable for the appearance” after training on Tuesday. “I may have returned to the game, but if there is anything, I can’t play the game,” Falti said. “Time and treatment let me recover. It is useful for a few days.”


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