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Free Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China Teaching Servies


Free Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China Teaching Servies


The cheap nfl jerseys From china team can use the privilege label for the same player for many years, but the minimum contract amount will be incremented by 120%. For example, if the A team selects the privilege label for the player B for two consecutive years, the second annual contract will multiply 120% on the basis of the original calculation formula; if the privileged label is used for B, the minimum contract amount will be multiplied by the second consecutive year. 144%

Patriots take over Julian – Edrman becomes a super bowl MVP

In the lowest superstext in history, the Patriot array does not have a superb bowl of MVP players in the offensive group or a defensive group or a special group. This is also explaining the essence of the patriot to the overall win.

Cowboys coach Cooper believes the cost is worth first-round pick

Beijing October 24 hearing yesterday cowboy with first-round pick in exchange for wide receiver Amari – after Cooper (Amari Cooper) news, many fans believe that the price is too high, but coach Jason – Garrett ( Jason Garrett) represents the Cooper value for money.

2 weeks ago, there is news that Samunam may bring Shab to 49 people, and become the four-point guard of the team’s first. Shab will be 36 years old this year, but since he became a substitute in Houston, he only completed 113 passes in the past three seasons.

(1) Exhaust the privilege label: The parent team enjoys all the negotiation rights to the player who posted the label for a year. The minimum contract amount given to exclusive privileges is the average of the three players with a total of 5 players in the league, or 120% of the player’s last year (one higher in both). Other teams cannot give this player, so this label is also the most expensive.

These efforts may eventually result in the disappearance of the dynasty team: Since the new England patriots have won the 2003 and 2004 two-year championships have been in the past, this is the most defending of the team in the ultra-bowl era of nearly half a century. Long record.

Garrett added that Cooper will arrive on Tuesday afternoon cowboy facilities, and on Wednesday and Thursday began to participate in training. As the cowboy bye next week, Cooper can get more time to integrate into the team.

Garrett Cooper commented: “We believe his strong physical ability was tall, fast speed, explosive strength, able to complete a few yards forward, running good routes, when scrum does not fall on the next wind. “

The official reporter of 49 people hid these two potential answers in the short-term quadrants of 49 people this week. It is reported that the team’s necrotics Kyle Hanhan hopes that the team’s quarter-saving is composed of old and newcomers.

Songquist is one of those who believe that the defending champion Seattle Haiying is conditional to stop this decision. According to Stats data, their lineup last season is the fifth of the league. They have many star players at both ends of the attack, including Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman, while General Manager John Schneider and Pete Carroll is a tone.

Hoyel is 31 years old this year, and his career begins to replace, but he has got a lot of first chances in Cleveland Brown, Houston Texas and Chicago, and his career has completed 44 passes to Daguan and 26 Second copy.

Cowboys first-round pick in 2008 to spend, three and six sign to sign, Roy obtained from the Lions at – Williams (Roy Williams) and a seven sign. But Williams completed in 2009 only 38 catches, 596 yards advancing, seven touchdowns, he was laid off in the 2010 season.

Every year, the NFL team can use a privilege label for a player of the team. After the player is labeled, you can choose to accept the contract, or refuse the contract to try the parent team to sign a long-term contract in summer. As long as the player is signing on the contract, the parent team can revoke the label.

(3) Transition Tags: The minimum contract amount for non-exclusive privilege label players is the average of 10 players with the highest player in the same place. Even if the label is posted, the player can accept other team quotes. If the parent team chooses to give up the match, no compensation will not be obtained. In addition, the transition tag can be revoked, but the parent team cannot use a transition tag in the same transfer period after canceling. Therefore, although the transition tag is the cheapest in the three, there are still few teams choose to use.

Odrick is the first round show in 2010, he spent 5 years in Dolphins, and there were also many experiences with the patriots, all of his 2011-2015 competition, but last season was only five games due to elbow. And are put into the injury reserve list.

From the moment you are ready for this season, they focus on each aspect of helping them win the championship last year, mainly to stabilize the defensive offense and creating opportunities, and the defensive group helps the team ranked on the ball last year. The alliance first.


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