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Grasp (Your) Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China in 5 Minutes A Day


Hawks to win the key: Sitting top security combination

The last ring of the Hawble Walk “The Monarch Legion” is their security portfolio to make the ball to transform, Gu Her Thomas, and the styles of strong Kam-Qiantra Kam Chancellor. These two people can be described as Eight Immortals.

US time Sunday, England told reporters: “Who is not important in our bachelor, I am competing, I am always 100% playing myself. I respect him, respect each thing he finished. He is still a great player, but now I am a competitive relationship with him, so no matter who he is, I will not be afraid that I always do a good job, I always behave best. “

Although based on the recent comments from Saint players and coaches, we believe that he has excellent performance, but he is in front of Engugah, he will still be an important force of the team. It’s just that there is no more ball last season.

Kubik has received an interview: “If there is no major change this week, Manning will be a four-point guard.” This seems to indicate that Osville will become the first quarter of the wild horse season. Yac said: “Brock is our first, he does very well he can adapt to our tactical system, so everything will not change.”

Ingram is not afraid of competition with Pitters.

On June 13, Adrian Peterson joined the New Orleans Saint, all kinds of well-showned news, which would let everyone forget the original starting running guards, and Mark Engra Mark Ingram I believe I will not lose the first hair.

Because of an unsteadic injury misses visit the next website first two weeks of voluntary training camp, he said that he and Pitters were players who were able to help each other. “We help each other, he wants to enter a new system, I can help He completed some tactical directions, and he was I have seen the strongest player in the ground on the court, and I am in progress. “

On Tuesday morning, Power told TMZ Sports Reporter He is a reporter to push McKay and interrupted an interview is because our quarterback needs to go back to the locker room to listen to Joey – Jay Gruden’s mobilization .

Although the number of anti-transmission is not particularly much (542 gear list, the total number of alliance safety is 27), Thomas still shows a strong blockade ability, and his guard against the defense of each 23.6, it is passed by the other party. To complete the ball in his zone, the other party has reached an average of 41.7 files. Two data sheets column alliances fifth. Even if the other party has completed the ball in his area, it is difficult to expand the results – all season, he only allows the opponent to get 51 yards of the ball after promoting the number.

And Monseler reflects the characteristics of “knocking”. His activity area is more in the “box”. He wants 81.3% of the number of files is that the array is within 8 yards from the open ball, this ratio. There is no right in the safety satellite. And he contributed 24 anti-running interception, second only to the TJ of the ram. McDonald (T. McDonald).

Black Leopard cut three players released salary or chasing De Den Watson

Carolina Black Leopard cut off three players on Friday, which increased their number of layoffs in the past to 4 people. This also allowed them to release approximately $ 199 million of salary space.

Red leather manager explains why interrupt interview

The news from Washington, Washington, Washington, Monday, is not widely spread, but the Red Leather Manager Tony, Tony Wyllie, is rushing to push four-point Wei Kert-McCoy (COLT MCCOY) And interrupted the ESPN reporter interviewed this picture was driven by the viral.

In the case of Cook and Kirore, 49 people currently have 15 players in the reserved list, except for Cook and Kilgon, there are 4 in the injury reserves. Players. There are still four players in the Reserve / Non-Football Injury List, and 1 player in the reserve / physically unable to perform. In the Reserve / Suspended list, and 1 player in the injury reserves / designated to return (Injured Reserve / Designated to Return).

At present, there is only a traditional Matt Paradis in the Black Panther’s starting offensive front line player. Many salary spaces can also make the black panther use privileged player labels to Taylor Wholesale Nfl Jerseys MOTON. This will take about approximately $ 13.6 million in salary space.

The team announced on Saturday that they have placed Kirgore in the injury reserve list, and he was fractured in the legs in the Sunday of Denver Mangma. The 26-year-old Kirore is a center for 49 people in the first 7 games. In the case of reimbursement in the Kirgor season, the rookie Martin will be the first center.

Schott, Weselley, Boston and Paradi saved the black Leopard by about $ 8.66 million, $ 59.06 million, $ 3.55 million and $ 17.87 million salary space. According to informed people, the black leopard is completely in order to release the salary. After layoff, the salary space of the black panther is close to the top ten of the alliance.


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