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Kids Love Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China


In the 14-year end of the past, Anderson took the team to win 20 wins and 29 negative records. His career started from Baltimore, followed by Five years for Cleveland, for 1 year for Arizona, for 1 year, for 7 years. His career passed the ball to get 10878 yards 60 times reached 64 passes were copied.

However, Vik has not yet extinguished the enthusiasm of American football. He recently told Espn reporters: “I want to be an NFL coach on a certain day of the future, I hope to help those young quarters to grow their ability, this for me It is still a competition in the game, but the competition of coaches. “

Brown officially activated Gordon, confirmed this week

Today, Cleveland Blanc officially announced the activation of Josh Gordon, including him in this week’s 53 national list. This week Brown’s opponent will be Atlantan Falcon, Gordon will usher in the first season of the season. For Gordon, this week’s arms will have a chance to create a good start for his return. The Falcon’s current field makes the opponent to complete the 281.2 yard pass attack, the last place of the data column.

Brown this season is flattening in the pass offensive, lacking offense weapons is one of the important reasons. As the outer joining hand of the total number of colleagues last season, Gordon’s regression will help the team continue to impact the playoffs. Last season, Gordon completed 30 codes of 20 yards, leading all the league. Since this season, in the absence of a deep threat, the quartz soldiers are still completed in 49 more than 20 yards, and the League League is more than 3.

The Kelly contract has born for two years, and the contract will not be rushing to find the next home. But Kelly is not like a person who can explain the competition in the room for a long time. The timing of declaring just click the following article contract is very subtle, which gives the time of the eagle high-level choice of new talkers, and also gives Kelly enough time to find the next job. When the red fried chicken mucus-Marioa was a family of Kelly, his Tennessee Titan was in the near future. It was likely to find new coaches in the near future.

Vic never won the super bowl, he only had a 4-year-old experience, he is not very satisfied with his career, this is why he will be interested in the reason, he hopes to completely leave NFL wins a ring before.

Michael Vik explained why the future wants to become an NFL coach

Michael Vick officially retired from NFL in February, 36 years old, he will not return to the NFL’s court, which is not a player who has been spending the seat in the past two years. Accident.

“There are a lot of quarterbacks can be introduced this year,” Dalton said in may be asked about a potential deal. “I think if I become a free agent at the start of the new league will have different results. I was still under contract, which is bad for me.”

Brown coach Kiqinus: Let Henster become better

Beijing February 28th this month earlier, Brown signed the decision of Kareem Hunt. However, although Hunter caused trouble, his talent is both undoubted.

“I hope that if he considered the transaction, at least let me try to see if we can join other teams or at least see if there are teams interested in me,” Dalton said at the time. “At that time, the way they deal with the matter did not have enough lead time to facilitate transactions.”

Kiqinus said: “Now Carrim Hunter is a member of Brown, so we have a responsibility to help him become a better person. Players will only leave the stadium one day, as a coach, as their mentor, need Let them know what the football career is over. & Hellip; & hellip; We are to make him better people to provide him with these resources and support. “

The eagle also announced that Kelly handicated player Aid Aid Marino-Digitz was fired. This person’s change is the same as the personnel department in the last break. At that time, the former general manager Huvei Rosman’s permissions in team responsibilities were significantly reduced. Roseman, which is now executing the Vice-Chair, will participate in the choice of the next old eagle.

Quarterback – Andy Dalton: The Tigers cut the time to find a new owner impede

After being laid off in the first public interview with the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy – Dalton (Andy Dalton) said he thought the Tigers now cut their own limits the opportunity to find a new owner.

This offseason, there were reports that the Chicago Bears interested in trading Dalton. But in the end they chose to trade for Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Nick – Falls (Nick Foles). The Jaguars offensive coordinator Jay – Gruden (Jay Gruden) and Dalton has worked in the Tigers, who are interested in signing him.

If Kelly has a second chance, Kelly may need to find a way to communicate more effectively. His coaching style often causes the player’s negative emotions, and his system does not completely offset this problem. In the case of this non-changing alliance, players and coaches must constantly recognize themselves.


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