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Strong Causes To Keep away from Cheap Jerseys From China


Strong Causes To Keep away from Cheap Jerseys From China


While 7 wins and 8 losses and 1 record playoffs does not seem so glorious, but for the Panthers this season is undoubtedly still a cause for celebration. Early in the season, they are significantly behind the team defense group lost its former style, back from injury after Newton’s performance is very bad. But all depressed, have ushered in a release late in the season, they had done the impossible task, once again grabbed the ticket to the playoffs.

Thomas has been fighting for 16 years in NFL, 14 years of pantop panther, selected 3 professional bowls, and the best lineup of the 2015 US Association. Davis career completed 1216 times, 90 times of the other party lost the code, 29 kills, 18 times forced the ball, 13 times.

He said: “New York is where I want to go back, I believe everyone think so, because I never hidden my thoughts, New York is my heart, where I feel comfortable, I can be there more Desired to play, although the giant will still consider the trade-off, but I am looking forward to my return. “

If the Lions this season have any regrets, then it must be the last week of once again losing in Green Bay. They had a chance to win home-court advantage, but they once again fell to the foot of the rival Packers. Stafford is a not afford to help look, the rule of force “Megatron” Johnson also fell, but Tate adding to the team’s offense is still sharp, and they also have a league top defense group.

Defending champion Seattle Seahawks at the beginning of their highly anticipated 2014 season, the team early in the season had some difficulties, including trouble leaving the team Lynch rumors and Hal Man Jets flee, but the Seahawks showed their championship temperament, rapid recovery team in mid-season, and repeated in the second half Keqiang Di multiple key battle, the second year in a row to get the top seed in the position of the League of Nations.

In coach Bill – Biliqike and elite quarterback – Tom Brady led New England Patriots pulled through the beginning of the season. Home win over the Denver Broncos Patriots game was the turning point of the regular season, the Broncos win the next, they are surging, and locked in advance of a week the American League top seed.

Encuvi did not participate in the June mandatory mini training camp after the renewal of its renewal. He has previously participated in some breaks during training but then decided to tend to get the wanted big contract.

There are a lot of national union, but 49 people can basically determine the quota of a top outer card. After all, the strength is placed there. In addition, the second place in the National Lianbei District may also get a quota, coupled with giants, Viking People and rickets, these teams will be the competitors of the KKEL.

Mustang VS Saints, On paper, the Broncos to be slightly better than the Saints, one chip, the game would be so deduced it? In fact, the Broncos in the offseason also made some adjustments, but the basic value is adjusted against the Seahawks, but for the Seahawks, does not necessarily work. For example, they choose security guard TJ Ward (TJWard) intended to Fu Haiying road attack, but the Saints pass-oriented; Mustang increase Aji Bu – Taleb (AqibTalib) and Bradley – Robbie (BradleyRoby ) intended to take over the outside Fu Haiying some flexibility, but the saints number one goal is to pass tight end Jimmy – Graham (JimmyGraham); increased Mustang Demarcus – Vail (DeMarcusWare) is to use overwhelming pass rush Seahawks weak offensive front, but the saints offensive front is notoriously bad. All adjustments Mustang almost no rhythm of the saints.

According to NFL TV reporter Tom-Perri Riro, in front of Enskovi and Jagua, the American Tiger has opened a average annual salary of more than $ 19 million, and the first year of the year is more than 50 million US dollars. contract.

Dolphins announced Gray to sign into training lineup

Former New England Patriot Jonas Gray quickly found a new job, according to NFL official website reporters reported that Miami dolphins were signed with Gray on Tuesday, the latter will enter the training lineup of dolphins . This originally considered a young running guard who sent a patriot to send a strong candidate, unexpectedly encountered.

As a decision of a new show, Gray’s career is not smooth, but the game with the Indianapolis horses last season makes him a famous battle. In the US union final, Gray held 37 times, the squat 201 yard, and contributed 4 times. However, Wholesale jerseys this original meritorious running guard was discarded by Bill Belichick because of his training attitude.

The strengths as well as suspense it? From the point of view of the state of the preseason, Manning Broncos offensive group of men worked well, although the loss of Eric – Decker (EricDecker) the depth of weapons, but the actual competition, the impact is not great, plus on the offensive front line of fine-tuning, and now the Broncos offensive group has been able to maintain last season’s offensive capability, I believe that Manning won the best offensive player is not too difficult to do. There are other competitors do? certainly! Drew – Brisbane (DrewBrees) Saints offensive group of men is also very comprehensive, but also becoming more offensive weapons with the Transformation, I believe Brisbane can get a very nice data, and compete against Manning.


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