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The Devil ‘s Seed Part

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The Devil ‘s Seed Part

The Devil 's Seed Part

The Devil ‘s Seed Part
When you want to implicate someone in a disaster, do not worry, you will find those who involve you and cast you in a disaster that is bigger than that. When you want to hurt someone, you will find someone who is trying to hurt you immediately. This is what happened here. I wanted to keep the evil away from my house and send it to others but he refused to leave me alone. We have joined together something and I do not know what to do in that dilemma really, and completed the story of the evil sheep that I bought for the sacrifice of the feast and happened to me after many and many calamities I will complete you in this section What happened from the site of realistic stories Story entitled The strangest story of horror Very scary descendants of Satan Part V .
I arrived at the pharmacy and I was thinking about what I would do in that dilemma. My friend Dina was sitting on the cash bag and the calculations were laughing in a very frightening and evil way, and our short friend Yasmine was making fun of the pharmacy and wiping her with the strong antiseptic. , Because the girl wants money and can not find work after graduating from the Faculty of Science and have exploited the weakness of the girl and made her spend on the receipts of the secretariat in large amounts so as not to leave the pharmacy.
She shook my head with pleasure, saying, “Why is not it a good idea?” I smiled sarcastically. I look at Dina and her sarcastic looks at the poor girl Yasmin when she comes in the morning and opens the pharmacy to be surprised by my waiting hare.

The Devil 's Seed Part

I went to my mother and sat until midnight. Then I went to the guard of the building, Uncle Massoud, and asked him to come with me to bring the lamb out of the apartment. I would take him to the pharmacy. The man agreed, after I put a hundred pounds in his hands. I told him I would sit at my mother’s house. My husband returns from traveling and we went up the elevator and the surprise was waiting for us. There is a black cat in front of my door. Why do not you know what is really happening?
I smiled with tension: Come, Uncle Massoud, let down the lamb and with me put him in the pharmacy, and then raise the cat and get rid of her body entered the man with tension and the apartment upside down upside down, and the balcony open and we looked for the sheep and was in the bathroom Uncle Massoud grabbed him from the rope and dragged him and I look at my apartment Bie walked down the stairs and refused to enter the elevator again.
I decided to go down the stairs with them and will not go down the elevator to know what will do Shrkhbail … Take down the terrible speed and drag Uncle Massoud until we came down was Uncle Massoud heavily exhausted as well as I no longer my health bear all this exhaustion and psychological pressure did not speak the man did not speak I and good luck that The pharmacy was pretty close to the house we drove through the streets until we got people looking at us weird but we did not care I took the key and asked Uncle Masoud to open the pharmacy door it was 2pm.
I opened the uncle Masoud door and entered the sheep entered the successor and opened the poison chamber attached to the pharmacy and tie well with the rope and looked at him I do not know felt that the sheep Shrchbil look at the place with admiration and smiles seem to pharmacy and what was impressed and then placed before him the food I was carrying with me all that period and filled with water In front of him and left him a lighted room lamp, Uncle Masoud said to me that the lamp was closed so as not to move and sleep for the morning … The lamp was closed and then the uncle Massoud closed the door of the pharmacy and I and the man walked away. I imagine Dina’s gaze in the morning when she opens the pharmacy door to find a shark, waiting for her with red blood, A loud wicked laugh will not deny our people deserve and always torment people look at me Uncle Masoud Bakhov and then running in the street like crazy return to architecture and I laugh with pleasure and then I went to sleep I was really tired and I want nothing but sleep.
What happened to him is that he is my husband’s number. What happened to him opened the phone to Ard? My husband told me that I must get there. He died nearby in Assiut, O disaster. Shall I travel to Assiut in this heat and the hideous atmosphere? I do not know what this really is, and the bad luck that haunts me.

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