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The Etiquette of Cheap Nfl Jerseys


The Etiquette of Cheap Nfl Jerseys


3 weeks ago Murray was traded to Titan, but the new team friend Pere West Cox was 129 last season. So Murray took the initiative to find Cox seeking to exchange, Cox didn’t pass the 29th in Danfo Yam and San Francisco and the Seattle Hawks, and fortunately, Cox didn’t care about this number, so this is about the number of transactions It is easy to reach it.

Demark Murray Flowers Continue to use 29 in Titan

Demarco Murray Wearing on the 29th of Dallas Cowbi, the rush king of the year, in the 2015 season, he continued to wear this number in Philadelphia Eagle, in the 2016 season, in order to continue to wear 29 Nattan, He had to pay.

Golley believes that herself, the attack group of Sen Mcvay and the four-point Guardian Goff-Gaff (Jared Goff) has been very powerful, but if you can let the recent mad “Austrian” Del-Beckham intends to join the ram “rumors come true, he will be very happy.

Eagle and corner Wendron Darby signed a year

Beijing March 18th, the eagle has recently signed a $ 8.5 million contract with the Ronald Darby. After the freedom of testing water, Die finally decided to return to Philadelphia.

“Ah, my good brother.” Galley is so described in Baker Ham, “If he can join us, it is too wonderful. I will be very happy, Gaofu will be very happy, McDener is also happy, The boss is happy, and the whole team is happy. “

Locke in the fifth week, in the fifth week, the finger contused in the game, after absence the last six weeks, the injury has not healed it, this week has been carrying out restricted team training, Titan also marked him to “play” suspect”. The team head coach Ken Whisenhunt said to the reporter: “He is now working hard, I am very satisfied, he is recovering more and better.”

Dabbai’s knee in front of last year is tearing, although the contract is signed, but now he does not necessarily can catch a regular season. However, at least he will conduct a rehabilitation process with the medical staff of familiar.

Murray needs to do it is to let his number are famous like 2014. He only completed 702 yards in the last season, and held 3.6 yards each time, and he completed 13 1845 yards in the 2015 season. Each time you advance 4.7 yards.

Jack Rocke will continue to lack

Tennessee Titan’s main four-point Wei Jack-Locker has been injured since entering the alliance, this season is still the case, whether Locke will play almost a problem that fans must ask every week. From the current situation, Locke is likely to be unable to play this week.

This week, in the face of Washington Red leather, Titan’s first quadrant selection is likely to continue to be held by Charlie Whitehu, White Hurt, this week, I have been training with the first lineup. Xiuzuk-Magottenberger also has the wish to continue to take responsibility for the team No. 2 quadrant. Locke gray in the foreground of Titan.

The remaining training camp will be open to a specific season / package owner, understanding simply click the next document pirates to buy a season in seduce fans. The Non-Open Training Camp on the 8.2-day will hold the simulation, only open to the season.

The new indoor training ground in the pirate can accommodate 3,500 people. CEO Brian Ford (Brian Ford) said: “The new indoor venue will provide a more comfortable viewing experience, and the atmosphere of open training will also rise. We have been committed to providing the best feelings for fans.”

Pirate reduction training camp to the date of opening

A year ago, through the shooting of HBO’s documentary “tough guilty training camp”, the pirates showed their own training camp to curious audience. But this year they have to control the number of people.


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