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The Low Down on Cheap Jerseys From China Exposed


The Low Down on Cheap Jerseys From China Exposed


Texas people let Crani have a privileged label player during the offset period. After the two sides could not reach a consensus after the deadline, the 26-year-old Crawney will play a new season with a year of $ 1.597 million.

Now this is a good news for Viking people, but it may not be. In contrast, he will return to an extremely different team than a few months ago. The offensive front line of Viking people repaired the front line has not helped the team to run away from the number of worships since October 3.

Pony does not recover the 4-dimensional Sarach’s $ 16.8 million bonus

Beijing on August 26th, Xiaoma hopes that the desire of the four-point guardian-Ru Luck (the desire to return money is not as high as the idea of ​​recovering money.

Tuesday, according to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporters, the team boss vote vote adopted an emergency plan: if the epidemic could not be held, the playoffs will increase from 14 in the playoffs. If the plan is implemented, the seed rank will not change.

Two team executives with handle contracts and wage caps told reporters that Pony plated back to Rak’s $ 12.8 million signing bonus and $ 4 million in big list bonuses. Due to the current lake’s contract, he has received a $ 12 million in March, only one-third can be recovered.

Rack sprained in March this year, absent the race season training project and mini training camp. He has been in a short participation in the formal training camp, but it quickly returned to the edge. At present, these are not healthy.

Although Claieney did not participate in the team training camp, heard both sides would wish to finish the 2019 season. “In my opinion, I have listened to the two sides to satisfy their respective arrangements,” La Potter said. “The Crewni will participate in the new season. Texas can get a year of Crawni, and then (if he added another team) in next year, it may get a compensation draft. It looks that both sides can benefit “

US Sunday, according to cheap Nfl jerseys NetWork reporters, Pony does not recover the $ 16.8 million bonus to pay to Rark. Ruck retired on Saturday, saying that injury took away the happiness you have obtained from the game.

“As far as I know, the current plan is in the third episode, which is to return to the team at the end of the August,” La Potter said. “This is my understanding of the Crawn to the plan. He won’t play the fourth episode. He will have a week to ensure that his state is good. I was told that the body is very good. I don’t worry about the Texas. “

Watt expressed his visit to this inner Houston Dezhou defensive coordinator during the US Time Friday. “Wade saw something that others couldn’t see, these things did not even notice. People like Wade, he will lead you to the person you want to become, even the level of the level. He is also the extent to which I have a dream far exceed myself, if I just follow the class, according to the coach If you go to fight to complete the game to adapt the system, then I am not so strong now, so thank him. “

In addition, Brown also adjusted the player. Austin Seibert is abandoned due to poor performance, and his long-range free trip and the only additional shot door are hit. Cody Parkey was replaced by Brown.

Enjoku has also been absent from the wrist fracture in the season, but this season Brown’s nearby end of the season is fierce competition. Enjoku needs to prove that he can be with Austin Hooper and Harrison – Brian. Harrison Bryant competition.

Prior to this emergency plan, the Alliance will also try to use the possible 18th week to reschedule the competition and have completed the original 256 game plan. In order to meet everything, NFL has extended the playoffs from 12 to 14, and an external card is added to the United States of China.


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