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The pedophobia is a real horror story

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The pedophobia is a real horror story


The arias were everywhere in my oasis, in the cupboard, the shelves, the mirrors and the little comedine that went to my bed
My family got rid of all the Arais I did not have 77 years, but from the time I am Omri I stayed in a place where a bride, Bqali more than 20 years in this situation!
The subject began when I was sleeping on my bed in the dark, the Arayes were meeting and watching me
I know how you feel about it and you deserve it! , Knowing that the subject is silly and naive! , But I am ready to swear to you that by saying that it actually happened
I was always saying to myself that I do not need a stranger, I am a child and I am sure I have a fantasy of playing me and my needs.
But after that things got worse!
On the day of the morning, when I said: “I saw the place of the bride, changed in a bride, a certain porcelain I love her brother,
A small bride wearing a purple dress, her hair in the form of a horse dail and bound with a red hat with a rosette.
When I woke up with my knees, I was on a small table. I kept the bed in my bed, even as a small mental child who was refusing to believe that Arais was playing with a toy.
I’m sure I changed her place at night and forgot. Or possible mama changed her place without what you say
But by his will I was afraid.
Tani Day at night I decided to try a need, either you will eliminate my fear completely, or be sure my doubts too
I was starting to fear the idea that the crocodile saw the entire length of the night, as before I slept their cell, they all looked at the precaution, but when it was morning, all of them were wrapped. All of them were peeps high

At the moment I knew I needed to be afraid and very afraid violin!
I asked Mama if she changed the places of the night at night, laughed when she asked me: “And changed their places, but?
I laughed myself violently, but in fact I was terrified
I do not want Arais de Tani, I do not want to see them or play with them
All of them landed in a large box and its lock was a hook and its roof was surrounded by a wheel,
And De was the first night I slept so long ago
When I returned from school, Mama was Mstnani, she told me she wanted to talk a little, asked me: “Why did all of the Arayes to enter the wheel? “
I was silent for a few seconds and then asked anxiously: “Why would you ask me if I moved them?
I decided to lie to her and tell her the whole truth: “Aries are very Bechovonian states. Be patient at night and I am a prophet. I do not want them in the fashion
Mamma smiled Oy and Hally that Mafesh Arais moving, although sure of my imagination, I do not know, I said that we are getting out of the box and go back to their place in the wheel and shelves and everywhere
And it is a hymn of the day when it is confirmed that if a bride is moving, the idea is lost, or if I have to agree, I do not have a problem
Frankly sleep Mama Maia in the fashion Khalani I feel and feel a nice sense and began to smile and forget my fears.
Mama immediately slept, I began to fear and felt I was alone in the fashion, Alarais began to pray Tani, was in a small bride Porcelin dipped juniper Balzbat
The bride who loved me wearing the purple dress was on the turf in front of my bed
I tried to overcome my fear and I was convinced that I do not need any of those I am afraid of
Suddenly the bride began to lift her head slowly and to clear my eyes, I blinked twice twice!
A possible interpreter imagine it and you deserve it?
If you were in an egg, a game, a bride, or even a statue. The important thing is to have a face and eyes, imagine if suddenly the bride de lifted her head slowly and I blinked when she looked at you, he looked at him?
I felt horrified, I felt, my whole body was petrified, I knocked on my mother when I was healthy, I saw the bride who was my side but the kisses. The bride was wearing a purple dress. She moved on her own.
I screamed with a loud voice to me, Mama immediately and started to guide me, I cried hysterically, I did not hear it and did not hesitate to say, er, you spoke to me. Shake me. Cried Via, but I screamed with fear, Papa Jah quickly lit up and he scared us, hugged and tried to guide me but it was also a failure of Mama, Mama finally hit me with a pen on me, and I was stunned for seconds before I gave and
I say: “Al-Arais, Mama. Al-Arayes “
She hugged me and Baba and said: “I am sorry I hit you but Inti Mkntish Ayza Thdi, I’m sorry”
And from the night I departed from all the Arayes forever.
I have 299 years old and from the day I enjoy every egg in a bride, so far, till today. Begili is a nightmare.
The problem was in my daughter, my daughter Deloitte, then 77 years, she loved Alrais, Josie solve the problem de Chua that it is the Bishri to her Alrais and understand that they graduated Alarayes of the final light for any reason, and the day of Altnid is the one who accompanied the fashion by himself.
I knew from a period that I have a possible psychological illness or some kind of phobia called pseudophobia or phobia fear of the game Arais.
My daughter had an important play in the school and I was happy to help her in choosing the personal confusion and training, today De Josi delayed by land and asked me to help her
“My mother,” she said. How to make a dress “
I opened the door and opened the door, I do not know why the light was darkened, I took seconds to limit my eyes to return to the darkness and its lip!
My daughter stood in the text of the fashion not moving, wearing a dress of purple color, her hair done in the form of Del horse and bound with a hammer Hamra painted roses, and Dale horse and Laura North shoulder
Suddenly my daughter started to slowly raise her head and catch my eyes, R.I walked the same twice!
I closed the door and Talat was taken
I dropped the floor under my body and collapsed on the chair, my daughter coming down the ladder slowly and with a voice, not a human voice, a frightening voice, a terrifying voice: “Mama”
I want to hurt her in silence. De Mesh Benti
No de binti. My imagination is a playmate
No de Mesh my daughter. I’m killing her
Kill my daughter? . no no no no no no
Da real mesh. De coincidence
Da real mesh. De coincidence
Da real mesh. De coincidence
Da real mesh. De coincidence

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