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The story of Anoum Mahmud in the army

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The story of Anoum Mahmud in the army

The story of Anoum Mahmud in the army

Horror in the army

My companions!
As well as the ever-changing Jay’s practical needs get later!
Strangely it actually gets you!
His name was Mahmoud and I and Hamoud were the owners of Oy, our age. We were not in the service of the army. He was my enemy with some, and by chance we also entered the personnel office with some chance!
Once there was a big problem in us. The military battalion was serving the Military Museum on October 6 th (the one from Suez is definitely known)
The museum was on the Suez-Suez road in front of the army command post
The military was killed by a psychological problem and fled with a weapon, but Idrish far away in the desert and responded after the text hour
Important and without the introduction of the details of the problem The security of the army Khad knowledge of the subject that the whole leadership fluctuated the security of the army was in the battalion at 2 pm to 7 pm inspection in the office, pleased that our office is responsible for every need in the battalion

The story of Anoum Mahmud in the army

What I have to do with the issue is that I have had major problems that were possible to reach a military trial and my future is lost
Tani day and I am based on the thought of the subject Mahmoud Jah Qad Jnbi and my son: afraid, Abram does not get a need
Quthala: Oh mahmoud de military trial is not a game
Qali: I hear, but I will tell you all that he gets, that the security of the army is a hagiene, a second time that he will achieve with one here, but he will not get it.
His saying: Azay and Maine is deh!
He said: “I do not mean you.”
Kutlh: you speak Gdkhali: uh but not confused Mafish need to get Qtltlh: How to use the security of the army turned the world
Caley: hate hate
Bakhra Jahn army security Jah around 8:30 pm They asked Ali and Jabouni to open an investigation and let me write it with the hands of the judge who got the problem
Captain, who was accomplishing Maali Qlly you are so much Shellett all night alone prepare yourself remained Hnigi Nkdk after a little while we are honored in the security section Shwa
I am worried, but frankly, I do not know why
I listened to Mahmoud and laughed after walking
Mahmoud Khalali: I’m not afraid of you
Qutla: What do you mean?
I can hear from you, but I do not know
And the other Mafish and no military of us Hiti because of the subject is the only one who is the commander of the battalion
Today, Ghali concluded, but two days later the commander of the battalion swallowed a fax to be present in front of the commander of the army. After that the procedures were followed by the day of the death of the commander of the army and his suit Salloum serving there
Mahmoud after the subject, what he saved all of my mind, I think that the need for a walk was Peppergli Keda eye, and at the same time was Babtim
I told one of us that his name was Muhammad al-Kalam, who was told by Mahmoud al-Wadi al-Dahedah
I will not hold you, O fool!
Blailem Mahmoud Naim Mahmoud was his bed above my bed
I will not be able to kill you
I am not today, I do not know is his work near him and cut his hand on his head and a seat calling for a voice and a quiet Mahmoud his body Atrashh such and strange voices sounded
My heart is not like you
I did not understand what you did!
I tell you that it was a mess
It is not important to know and know the truth
Then I went to sleep and I was sleeping on my bed with a bass on Mahmoud’s bed
I was afraid of him I did not know why Mafish seconds and I kissed him and prayed Keda and Ali and his smile his eyes fear was wide Oi not subject that he Bibkrq but no eye wide Oi
Of course, I grew up in the office until the morning when I was afraid of it
But Mohammed, I do not know his brother sleeps Tani but you are not invited to the subject of the subject Tani!
Qatteleh: Present
I’m still today, I do not understand Muhammad, he did a job for Mahmoud.

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