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The story of the finest descendants of Satan Part

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The story of the finest descendants of Satan Part

The story of the finest descendants of Satan Part

And we continue the story of the damned offspring as I told you the first part that we bought the strange black sheep scary form was really scary bought my husband and I promised to home and in this part we will know what happened after it and how we acted with the eccentric sheep in that story from the site of real stories Story entitled Strangest horror story scary Very devil offspring part
The Devil ‘s Descendants Part
As I told you my husband to climb up the stairs with the lamb and I will go up in the elevator, my husband looked at me angrily I do not know why we are because we live on the seventeenth floor and what I sin in it is that the lamb does not want to rise elevators did not want my husband in fact closed the elevator door and I said He smiled: I see you at the top Do not be late Habibi, and then ascended the elevator to the seventeenth floor opened the elevator door and went out and I think with tension where I will put the sheep and here was the surprise waiting for me in front of the door of the apartment.
The black sheep stood alone in front of the door of the apartment looking at me with his red help. What a disaster! How did he climb up the stairs so quickly? Where did my husband? I do not understand what really happened. I looked at the sheep with terrified eyes and I stood up and grabbed the elevator door. I closed the light bulb and felt the movement of the lamb. I will not deny it. I quickly entered the elevator and closed the door. I fell down unfortunately. I do not know what to do. But this lamb really hurts me.
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I went back downstairs and looked for my husband. I asked the guard of the building to tell me that he had climbed up the stairs with the lamb a little while ago. I went back again and climbed up to my apartment and opened the door to the elevator and I could hear the screams of my terrified children. What happened? Again my door was open and my children were screaming into the apartment. I ask anxiously what happened, my three children were in the room screaming with fear, I asked them:

  • what happened ?
    Here my husband came out of the balcony and he said angrily:
  • They are afraid of the lamb all this because of the horror stories that you write ..
    She sighed with satisfaction when he saw him and said, “Where have you been? I’ve come down to look for you. How did you let the lamb go up alone?”
    He looked at me angrily saying: that stupid sheep was running on the stairs and went up terribly fast I do not know how I was running behind but I could not catch him and I found him standing in front of the door of the apartment I looked tense and I ask with astonishment: how he ascended that speed and strangest is how he knew the door of our apartment there are three floors Other building?
    My husband replied as he sat on the bench and said: “I do not know. I’m tired and hungry. After that, I went to the sheep. I was standing in the balcony and standing on my back legs. The two men lifted them up to lean on the picture of the balcony and looked at the street. I do not believe what I see in front of me and here I looked at him again but he had come down and was standing innocently and looking at me with his bloody red help.

  • I do not understand. Unfortunately I did not work with the animals for a while and I worked as a medical analysis specialist. I have to
  • consult a veterinarian. Maybe I wrote my problem in a doctor. One of the groups on Facebook. “All the doctors are veterinarians working with sheep and farm animals.
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    Then I heard my husband yell that he was hungry and the children were still screaming … I went to the children’s room and I tried to calm them down and opened the door and my little son said to me from tears: My mother is this evil sheep
    My little daughter replied: “Wicked and misguided, my mother. He is a sharkhail.” We called him a “sharkhail” because he is very wicked and will kill us all.
The story of the finest descendants of Satan Part

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