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The story of the most glorious descendants of Satan Part

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The story of the most glorious descendants of Satan Part

The story of the most glorious descendants of Satan Part

And what we will do if your life is linked to the life of an innocent animal, bought it for slaughter and eat meat, you know the real Fahmn wants to eat and eat your flesh Will you fear and the legacy or the massacre and designed on what is in your head and complete today the third part of the story of the damned offspring in the site of realistic stories story entitled Strangest horror story very scary offspring The Cursed Part III.
Cursed offspring part
My children used to cry out loud and shout, “My mother is a sharkbill.” We called him “sharkbail” like “sharkbill” in the schnapps. Shrekhel wanted to kill the snakes and eat them because he was evil. So he was a shark like him. I laughed at them and said: Do not be afraid he’s just a sheep. And will not do anything to trust in. Here my eldest daughter said:
My mother is getting rid of the “sharkhail”. He is bad. Believe me, very bad and evil. And here the three of them shouted with one voice: Get rid of the sharkhail, get rid of sharkhail, he is an evil sheep and one time they shouted hysterically and they look behind me. I said to them, do not be afraid.
I closed the door and entered the apartment. I did not understand. I grabbed him from the rope tied around his neck. I prepared him for the balcony again. I closed it tightly and tightly and placed behind it one of the heavy seats so as not to open it again. Others, I feel tense and tired, washed up and changed my clothes and went to prepare lunch.
My husband told me that he would travel to visit his cousin in Assiut and he would not be late. He would come back after two days and here I looked at him with tension. Would he leave us with this lamb, and my children would scream, not to leave them with me? “Shrachbail” but shouted in their faces: It is just a sheep do not be afraid of something .. And he shouted at me that all they are because of the horror stories that I write.
They went to their room crying and my husband left and left the house for Asyut. I came to rest a little but I remembered something important. I forgot to buy food for the sheep. I had to come back with them. I went back to the sheep, and the food was a surprise waiting for me.
The door of the apartment is open to the dead and there is a man who is unconscious or dead I do not know in front of the door of my apartment I screamed with panic and shouted the opening of the neighbors to the door of their apartments and saw the scene appear to be a thief was trying to steal the apartment and after opening it died of the disaster What happens to me do not know what happens to me and why Helplessness stalks me?
I screamed hysterically until my doctor, Dr. Mohsen al-Sharqawi came out and examined the man. He said he had died of a heart attack. He was a barbed man. The apartment was empty. After he opened it, he was attacked by a heart attack. You died. The thief and I feel nervous as signs of horror and panic were drawn on the face of the thief.
What is happening to me I do not understand and what is afraid of the man and make him die heart attack I do not know why I remembered at that moment the black sheep that I bought today, “Shrchbail” as my children have just forgotten it and did not put food for the disaster, the sheep may have died thirst and starvation The seat was looking back at the street and standing on the back feet, like a human being and here I do not know I felt scared, I would not be afraid of a sheep but I was afraid I would not deny this Never put food fast and water And closed the balcony And I ran I ran I was afraid I was there Something wrong with the sheep Oh, I’m really scared.
I felt scared and tense and I did not know how to behave I wanted to ask someone I thought of and others help me She was my wife I stood in front of the mirror Collapse and I was terrified Tired scared And I say please show me now for me I want you so hard But did not show me that time What do I, And here I heard the sound of clicking as if someone was trying to enter the house, O Willy, what was happening, and the click from the balcony seemed to be the dreaded Shrathbail who was knocking the lamb door. What do I now have to get out of the apartment?

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