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Watch Them Completely Ignoring Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China And Learn The Lesson


Watch Them Completely Ignoring Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China And Learn The Lesson


If White is able to play, then the bear team is more likely to succeed. White is suitable for NFL’s body, which will become an excellent goal of Jay Cutler, and will be an outer junction that takes over the top of Alshon Jeffery. The bear may have more time to see him.

These “Rover” success triggered a tide of the entire alliance, some players of other teams & mdash; & mdash; Squs, Tomson, American tiger, Tervant, Tromis, Tirah; & mdash; Characteristics and play an important role in their respective team defensions.

This kind of player is called “roamor”. At present, there are two very typical “roamers”: Luxian, Di I-Bakaron, and the macquard of the Racashi. When the two have just entered the league, they are as security, and later become a “roamor”, more and more positions in the line.

In the offensive group, the right cutaway (leg crisp injured) (leg crisp injured) (leg crisp) was also absent. MARCUS GILBERT. Chris Hubbard most likely replaced him, Hugabad replaced Gilbert and left-off Alejandro Villanueva last week.

The line guard TJ-Watt (T. J. Watt) did not participate in the injury in the Yulin, and the training of the groad and on Thursday and Friday did not participate last week. Anthony Chickillo will replace him, and Chikho’s opening war has replaced Bad Dupree. James Harrison (James Harrison) is not allowed to have an opportunity to appear.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the Jaguchi will have a $ 488 million contract with Falls, calculated that after a bonus, the total salary can be up to 10.2 billion. According to ESPN reporter Adam Schefte, the contract includes $ 50,125,000 security.

“It is difficult to predict the cowboy,” Ace-Kurber said. “I think they will certainly have an excellent regular season. This is what I think will happen. Then it depends on whether they have enough championships and refuse to lose.”

NFL experts, 15 years of professional experience of Wi-Yili-McNins, who knows, knowing to defensive top pavement, tough defensive attitude. As a 6-foot 5,270 pound of wire guards, McKinnis is pivoting in the status of matrix when defending the pavement, he pointed out that the relatively small line guards may struggle when defending the pavement of the pavement.

“It is not easy to find this type of player’s perfect intermediate state,” he said. “On the one hand, after pulling out of your gear, they are alive or close to the neighborhood; but on the other hand, they are easy to consume when they fight strong road attacks.”

Barum is 6 feet 2, with a weight of 213 pounds, since it is given to this role since last year, it has been excellent. At that time, the ram line Wei Alek-Oglette reimbursement, Baron’s first line guard in the fifth season of career, contributing the second high 12 negative quotes of the league (pavement attack to cause each other) Promoting the number of negative codes, and the second one is the first year of the first lineup, Donald, the only data over the data, is JJ-Watt. In addition, the Baron’s 116th sisters in the Range of 2015 also created a new high career.

In NFL, the defensive party has to make adjustments to changes in attacks. Recently, some people find a “variants”, they can compete for the security guards, can also be competent; can stop the ground attack, but also guard against any player. Such a player is generally more stronger than defensive guards, and more flexible than wire hypothy.

The evidence is here: 2005 season, only 2 quartz gave passes more than 4000 yards, 16 running guards have exceeded 1000 yards; 2015 season, 12 quarter-free pass more than 4000 yards, only 7 running guards The number of flush codes exceeds 1000 yards.

Among the leagues that pass the ball, “roamers” because of the superior speed and excellent interception, such as fish. The biggest problem is defensive pavement attack. “Rover” must be tough enough, it can make timely, open the blocked, intercept the pavement attack in the weak position of defense.

“Pavement offensive alleviate the pressure on the quarter. Taking into account the elite four-dimensional bathroom today, the aerial and pavement balance should be more scientific strategies. The rush may be more popular than the past few years. This will make the roamors in the body are very uncomfortable. “

“This player adds a lot of flexibility to the team’s defensive strategy, because they can be able to stand nearly close to the forefront, but also can make beautiful interceptions.” NFL expert analysis said. “They are so fast, can be competent in the regional defense; at the same time, it is strong enough to prevent ground attacks. Today’s alliance is very large, especially click the up coming web site trend of paying more and more attention to offensive.”

The emergence of “roamor” may cause offensive tactics to start emphasize pavement & mdash; & mdash; like a Viking and Bill of Super Runwei and Mdash; & mdash; tactical focus helps to enlarge “roamers” weakness.

As a coach of Baron, and each year, it is necessary to face Bakathi twice, and the rushing of the Rambury, the tactical status of “Rover” is the most. In the future, Fisher pre-prognosticers in March this year, “Alliance will have more roamers”, and the teams of the draft election in April quickly proved the accuracy of this argument.

There are too many such as a new show that is better than this role in this selection conference. In the end, the American tiger came to Miles Jack, and the jet passed the Darong – Lee, and the red skin took away Su Ya – Kleins.


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